Wireless Technology – What are wireless speakers? How do they work?

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How wireless speakers work

      Wireless speakers

We used to have huge speakers to report to large mass or audience.  Then came small speakers which could get fit anywhere and everywhere. Users  could enjoy  music or surround sound experience at home. But all of them struggled through long, untidy wires. People who have installed home theater system know very well how complicated it is to set the wires for them. Usually there are expert electricians required who get your entire room fitted with long wires.

But now with the change in technology we have got wireless speakers. They help us to avoid the mess with long wires. They are not only wires free but also offer good sound experience.

How do wireless speakers work?

They look similar to traditional speakers (wired) in appearance but differ in functionality. Unlike conventional wired speakers they do not carry audio signals through cables instead they use radio frequency (RF) waves to do this work. The basic principle of any sound signal to propagate is travel through collision or vibration of molecules present in the path of sound waves. They also utilizes the same principle with little basics of magnetism and electricity.

Wireless speakers are made up of 2 units; main speaker unit within built RF receiver and RF transmitter unit. Transmitter is connected to the devices offering audio output like MP3 player, DVD player, CD player, TV, computers etc. RCA (RCA connector is a type of electrical connector generally used to carry audio and video signals) connectors are used to connect the two.

The receiver is placed at the desired locations wherever user wish to get the sound. As there are no wires the motion of speakers is easy. The speaker has amplifier unit to boost up the signals. The speakers are charged by batteries or 3 phase AC mains. Batteries can provide power up to 3-4 hours. Even some of the wireless speakers employ rechargeable batteries. The audio signals having frequency range up to 900 MHz are entertained by wireless speakers. The strong RF signals can transmit signal over a distance of 150 – 300 feet far to walls, floors, ceilings etc. There are even certain wireless speakers which provide user an option to tune to their desired frequency using tuning knob present at the transmitter.

Features to ensure good wireless speaker

 It should have good frequency response

  • It should utilize proper transmitter power and total output power
  • It should maintain pressure level and wireless range
  • It must have good sound quality with magnificent balanced treble
  • It should have good accessories. One must see it has USB or non-USB transmitter. It has wall-mounting capabilities or not? It has AC adapter, batteries or both? It has a remote control and separate volume controls? It has wireless subwoofers or not?

While there are definite benefits like they are free from wires, can be used anywhere and can be moved for better sound experience but there are some drawbacks like they face interference with other RF signal transmitting devices, they have limited bandwidth. Regular charging could be a problem.

But with the advancement of technology, there shortcomings are going to be taken care and people would see their increased use in future years.

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